Canalys: China expected to drive 2020 growth in smart speaker, smart personal audio shipments

Canalys has published its 2020 outlook for the Internet-of-things industry. It projected that smart speakers, smart personal audio devices, and wearable bands would see a 9.8% increase in shipments for a total of 718 million units during the year. Smart speakers are forecast to see just 1.5% year-on-year growth. Continue Reading

Deloitte report sees podcast revenue breaking the $1 billion milestone this year

Deloitte released its annual report with predictions for the tech, media, and telecom sectors. The analysis included a section devoted to audiobooks and podcasts. Deloitte predicted that the global podcast market would be worth $1.1 billion in 2020, while it pegged the global audiobook market as hitting $3.5 billion. Continue Reading


Canalys: China’s Baidu now holds second place in global smart speaker shipments

Canalys has been tracking shipments of smart speakers for the past several years, and its report on the second quarter of 2019 revealed a shakeup in leading brands. Amazon remained the top brand with 6.6 million units shipped for its Echo line securing 25.4% market share. Baidu, based in China, took over the second spot with 4.5 million units. Continue Reading

Radio trails streaming music for in-car listening in China

Strategy Analytics has released a study examining the outlook for terrestrial radio as alterative entertainment options take hold in cars. The survey of 4,790 car owners in the U.S., the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and China pointed to a downward trend for terrestrial radio in favor of streaming and satellite radio. Continue Reading

Canalys: China will be the largest install base of smart assistant devices by 2023

New research further solidifies the importance of China as a future top market for applications of voice technologies. Canalys released a prediction that China will be the world’s largest smart assistant install base by 2023, numbering an estimated 5.8 billion devices with the technology built-in or compatible. Continue Reading