Deloitte report sees podcast revenue breaking the $1 billion milestone this year

Deloitte released its annual report with predictions for the tech, media, and telecom sectors. The analysis included a section devoted to audiobooks and podcasts. Deloitte predicted that the global podcast market would be worth $1.1 billion in 2020, while it pegged the global audiobook market as hitting $3.5 billion. Continue Reading

Italy posts 83% growth in streaming service revenue in 2014

The Italian Music Industry Federation released its 2014 year-in-review. The data, compiled by Deloitte, revealed overall growth of 4% for revenue of €122 million in 2014, up from €117.6 million the previous year. Digital listening accounted for a greater proportion of that overall performance in 2014: up to 38% of the market, compared with 32% in 2013. Continue Reading