Gaana annual report finds strong interest in regional music

Gaana, the streaming service catering to Indian audiences, has released its annual report on the country’s consumption trends. “2019 was a landmark year for music lovers, artists and the industry in more ways than one,” CEO Prashan Agarwal said. “The meteoric rise in regional music consumption across the nation marks one of the biggest cultural shifts in perception of music in the past decade.” Continue Reading


Spotify already has 1 million users in India, kicking off an important chapter for the company’s international goals

Spotify has been available to listeners in India for barely a week, and the streaming company’s launch has received close scrutiny due to the legal debate over its rollout and the growing importance of this new market for the international streaming brands. A representative from Spotify said that the service already has 1 million users in India across its free and paid offerings. Continue Reading