News podcasts stable w/ favorable demographics — massive international study (Reuters/Oxford U.)

An annual research study jointly conducted by Reuters Institute and Oxford University reveals the stability of news podcasts, and shapes the profile of the category listeners. A project of extraordinary reach, this survey examines frequency of use, country-level comparisons, top ten rankers, and much more. This is a global research project, and the PDF delivers 160 pages of country-specific results. Click for samples, graphs, and links to an executive summary and the entire study (160-page PDF). Continue Reading

Edison Research bookends the demographic range with new studies of Gen-Z and Boomers

Edison Research, the preeminent consumer survey organization for measuring audio consumption, is announcing two upcoming podcast studies that explore young (Gen Z) and senior (Boomer) listeners. Edison calls them “two major podcast thought leadership studies,” and says they will be released in Q1. Continue Reading

Hot Pod Summit brings podcasters and businesses together in Brooklyn

RAIN News attended the Hot Pod Summit at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn yesterday, a Covid-vaccinated gathering which, to some attendees we spoke to, signaled a hopeful return to in-person business gatherings. In a charming urban-rustic setting at the Wythe, an estimated 200 attendees mostly represented the creative community of podcasting. At the same time we saw many industry pros from the network and technology sides. Click through for details. Continue Reading

Spoken Word Audio Report 2020: Share jumps; 43% listen daily

The Spoken Word Audio Report 2020, produced by Edison Research and NPR, is out. One broad and important finding: 75% of the U.S. population (18+) listens to spoken word audio monthly. Daily, it is 43%. AM/FM is paying the price for increased listening to other platforms of spoken word audio; the trend is clear from 2014 to 2020. Click through for much more, and graphics, and a link to the download. Continue Reading