Spoken Word Audio Report 2020: Share jumps; 43% listen daily

The Spoken Word Audio Report 2020, produced by Edison Research and NPR, is out. One broad and important finding: 75% of the U.S. population (18+) listens to spoken word audio monthly. Daily, it is 43%. AM/FM is paying the price for increased listening to other platforms of spoken word audio; the trend is clear from 2014 to 2020. Click through for much more, and graphics, and a link to the download. Continue Reading


Steve Goldstein: New Medium, Old Strategy – The Popularity of “Host-Read” Ads Explained

by Steve Goldstein

Host-read sponsor endorsements are common in podcasting, which owes its success in large part to leveraging the relationship between hosts and listeners. In this guest column, Steve Goldstein takes a fascinating trip through the history of live reads, including pioneer Paul Harvey who created the original playbook. Continue Reading