Branded podcasts: “Be the content, not the interruption.” Q&A with the creators of “Inside Trader Joe’s”

“Inside Trader Joe’s” is a podcast that lives up to its title — it’s all about the grocery chain and its signature items, hosted by company execs who interview company specialists. We spoke with executive producers Steve Goldstein and Dave Beasing. Continue Reading


Podnews report: How much is a spot on Apple Podcast Charts worth?

A new report from James Cridland’s Podnews reveals that algorithmic one-upmanship has entered the scene — podcasters can now buy their way to a high placement in Apple Podcast charts. We’re not certain it works, but it shouldn’t be surprising. Where there is an algorithm, there is an attempt to hijack it. Continue Reading


iHeartRadio launches “snackable” podcast with Barbara Corcoran

iHeartRadio has formed a partnership with Barbara Corcoran, one of the regular “sharks” in the reality startup show Shark Tank, to launch the Business Unusual podcast hosted by Corcoran, sponsored by Dell Small Business. It is a monologue format in which the real estate mogul delivers a business lesson (or two) in what is promoted as a “snackable” five-minute show. Continue Reading


audioBoom launches Listen-In Campaign to raise funds for hearing impaired

audioBoom is contributing to “Better Hearing Month” (May) by launching the Listen-In Campaign in collaboration with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Starkey provides hearing aids and healthcare to people with hearing impairment in 100 countries. The podcast company has enlisted at least 16 podcasts it represents to participate in the fundraising.  Continue Reading