Voxnest launches Spreaker Enterprise: High-end podcast hosting for brands and media companies

Today Voxnest is announcing the launch of enterprise-level podcast hosting that seems to bring the company into more prominent competition with high-tech, soup-to-nuts podcast hosts. Spreaker Enterprise is described as “an all-in-one podcasting platform designed to meet the production, distribution and measurement needs of high-volume audio publishers.” Today’s launch follows a beta-testing period when the combined solutions were code-named Hive.

The enterprise-level hosting platform isĀ  targeted to resourceful brands and media companies for creating, distributing, and monetizing podcasts. Spreaker Enterprise comprises ad serving and injection, access to programmatic digital audio ad exchanges, team collaboration in a content management system, social sharing, and listening analytics that are compliant with the IAB’s v2 set of standards.

HereĀ  is how the press announcement elucidates the platform features:

  • Traffic your own ads: Spreaker Enterprise gives audio publishers the ability to leverage their own relationships for ad content while using Voxnest’s integrated ad server and smart, dynamic ad insertion technology.
  • Optimize inventory value: The platform’s proprietary yield optimization system enables content creators to benefit from real-time bidding across programmatic ad exchanges, while having confidence that any unsold ad impressions can be filled using ad inventory supplied by Voxnest.
  • Collaborate using a single account: With the ability to set up multiple users and set different levels of permission for each, audio publishers’ entire teams can easily work together to manage their content.
  • Greater control over content and distribution: The powerful content management system (CMS) allows podcasters to customize everything from publication timing, distribution points, social sharing, which episodes should include advertising and where those ads should be placed.
  • More accurate insights: With IAB v2 compliant analytics and data tracking capabilities, Spreaker Enterprise offers a complete and accurate view of reach and plays.

Voxnest CEO Francesco Baschieri.

“As more brands and large content publishers turn to podcasting as a powerful and efficient way to engage with audiences, it’s increasingly important that they have technology specifically created to meet their needs for speed, scalability and monetization,” said Voxnest President Francesco Baschieri. “Spreaker Enterprise is the first professional-level solution to meet these needs, with all of the tools producers need, including the ability to run programmatic ad campaigns. We see this launch as a giant leap that will help move our industry forward.”

Spreaker has long been invested in providing innovative publishing tools in addition to hosting. Spreaker Studio was launched in 2015, an app which offered easy-to-use and fairly sophisticated recording and uploading, presaging what Anchor is doing now by several years. A year later came the release of Spreaker’s embeddable, visual podcast player for websites.

With the launch of Spreaker Enterprise, Voxnest is delineating three levels of service to podcast creators: Small-scale, mid-sized, and enterprise-level. Our observation is that Voxnest marketing is both broadening and honing to a sharper mission statement: “We resolve problems and drive results for the whole podcast ecosystem.”


Brad Hill