Podcasting reach rivals TV/radio; generational separation of users (Tom Webster/Sounds Profitable)

The reach of podcasting is now rivaling the reach of AM/FM and TV … at least in one age group. That’s a key finding described by Tom Webster in his Podcast Upfront presentation in New York yesterday. (The video is available as part of the Sounds Profitable Data Decoded series, HERE.)

Unsurprisingly, this dramatic finding points to young users, age 18-34. Webster showed the following illustrative graphic:

Digging into the generational disparity between podcast reach and AM/FM and TV reach, Webster shows the mean age of each media category, compared to the mean age of the U.S. population. The basis here is a measurement of users of each media type in the last week. The following graphic illustrates this:

In the presentation, Tom Webster called out the difference between average ago of podcast listeners, (37) and compared it to average age of TV users (about 59), and declared a generational difference between them.

See the entire presentation HERE.

Brad Hill