Moms: Avid online audio users (Edison Research)

Edison Research released its fifth Moms and Media survey. The fieldwork is a spinoff of The Infinite Dial, in which 1,500 12+ people are queried about their online preferences and habits. In this cut, “Mom” is defined as a woman having at least one child under 18 living in her household. (This work is sponsored by Amazon Music, Wondery, ART19, and The Research Moms.)

The average respondent age is 43, and nearly two-thirds are employed. . We learn sever interesting insights about how mothers consume online audio.

Within this group, there 50% smart speaker ownership. Alexa is the dominant brand at use, with 86% penetration. Thirty-six percent own four or more speakers; the average is 3.1 speakers in the household.

Seventy-one percent of mothers own wireless earphones or headphones.

Impressively, 83% percent of respondents listen to some kind of online audio weekly. (Note that below, the “ever listened” number is 91%.) And the average time spent weekly listening to online audio is nearly 15 hours, 46 minutes.

When it comes to podcasting, 32% of moms are avid (that is to say, weekly) listeners — the same percentage as a year ago. Sixty-nine percent of the surveyed mothers have listened to at least one podcast.

Moving to the analog realm, Edison discovered that 65% of moms tune in to AM/FM radio weekly — nearly the same percentage as last year’s 66% result.

A special section on Children and Social Media concludes the study. The deck is available (free of charge) HERE.

Brad Hill