The on-hold opportunity: Veritonic measures consumer preferences

“Be thoughtful about your hold experience.” That is the guiding principle and throughline of a new study by audio analytics company Veritonic — Harmonizing Connections: How Audio Turns Waiting Time into Brand-Building Opportunities. Veritonic hits on an audio segment almost never mentioned: The music or spoken word audio that customers hear when they call a company and must wait on hold. Continue Reading

Quantifying brand marketing uncertainties and risks, Veritonic says audio is paramount

Audio intelligence firm Veritonic conducted a survey of over 1,000 brand marketers to gain visibility of their concerns when formulating, executing, and upward-reporting their media mix. Interestingly, the results reveal a degree of uncertainty about media mix effectiveness, and difficulty reporting upward to senior management. Click for key takeaways. Continue Reading

Analysis of programmatic podcast ads: Gender split, length, and other attributes

“What do programmatic audio ads sound like? That’s the question posed by audio intelligence company Veritonic and podcast network Acast, resulting in a graphic fact sheet. The study included ads in the Financial, Auto, Adult Beverage, and Insurance verticals. We learn about length, content, and success rate. Continue Reading

YouTube podcast consumption is woven into user habits; many watch after listening (Veritonic)

In a fascinating burst of research from audio intelligence company Veritonic, we learn that podcast listeners use YouTube in a variety of ways, including as the source of second consumption — watching the video of a podcast they have already listened to. Click for an explanatory infographic, and Veritonic’s purpose in supplying this research. Continue Reading