Ad Tech Tools Tame Trepidation in new Veritonic study

Veritonic released another in its series of research studies. This one starts with a stern corrective:

“If your brand is prioritizing investments in outdoor, display, social, and video ads over audio, it’s time to reassess your media strategy.”

That austere  prescription can be downloaded (HERE). The report is titled Unlocking the Power of Audio Ads, and it offers research insights on memorability of audio ads, purchase intent, awareness, and frequency. The info is sourced from survey work fielded last month which canvassed U.S. monthly (or more frequent) podcast listeners

Fear Not

The key takeaway of this work is that audio advertising “doesn’t have to be scary, or risky,” as Veritonic bottom-lines it. “Consumers are continuously telling brands and advertisers that they want to hear from them.” And if advertisers worry that audio advertising is not equipped with modern verification tools, Veritonic reassures with this message: “Tools like Creative Measurement and Brand Lift exist to ensure that you’re reaching your target audience at the right time, in the right place, and with the right message, so you can ensure that your investment is sound on every level.”

Comparing Formats

Veritonic’s presentation leans into purchase intent, comparing purchase likelihood across four advertising types. Fifty-one percent of respondents are more likely to purchase after hearing an audio ad, compared to seeing a billboard ad. The same comparison pitches audio against social media advertising, display ads, and video. Results below:

So, audio advertising is favorable with consumers, but what about frequency? Ads aren’t like pop music, and more isn’t necessarily better. To put some numbers against that, Veritonic discovered that two times per day (per ad) is better than three times per day.

This report has a standout “did you know this” metric: Thirty percent of consumers report that the audio and podcast ads that they hear have an impact on their mental health. No, we didn’t know that.

Again, the PDF is HERE.

Brad Hill

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