Testing and measurement: keys to podcast ad efficacy (Veritonic research)

In a guide released today — the Veritonic Podcast Advertising Efficacy Guideaudio intelligence company Veritonic asserts that testing and measurement are primary tools in creating effective podcast ads.

While testing and measurement are the broad takeaways, the work digs deeper with survey metrics which inform advertisers about audio styles and elements which make effective ads. A few examples:

  • 69% of listeners are interested in ads promoting other podcasts in the same genre.
  • 57% of listeners prefer ads for new podcasts to be voiced by the podcast hosts.
  • 61% of listeners say they discover new podcasts from ads within the shows they currently listen to.

The study is not solely about podcast ads for podcasts. When it comes to brand advertising, we see that 49% of listeners pay attention to brands and services they’ve never heard of, and 46% want to hear those ads.

Short is good … but not exclusively. The breakout below illustrates the percentages of preference for short and longer ads:

There is much more to this release — the free download is HERE.


Brad Hill