RAIN Notes: Monday, March 25

Jottings of note:


PRX has expanded its digital fundraising resources for public radio stations. These promotional opportunities include pledge spots which can be used anytine, specific programming for use during pledge drives, and premium rewards like gifts and experiences. “We center public radio in everything we do, and we’ll continue to innovate and forge connections between beloved programs and stations,” said Sean Nesbitt, Senior Director of Industry Partnerships at PRX. “Our goal is to expand public media and the resources available to us at a crucial time for our industry.” More details HERE.


Leading With Trailers

Amaze Media Labs has taken its Trailergram product out of beta, launching it on the audiencelift.com. Trailergram invites podcasters to upload their trailers, which then are positioned with contextual relevance on its AI-powered audience growth platform. Podcasters benefit from trailer plays alongside contextually relevent content, where listeners can subscribe to the show. “We have been consistently blown away by the results creators and publishers have been reporting after using audiencelift,” said Amaze Founder Robert Tuchman. More HERE.



Fast Company published its “Most innovative companies in media for 2024” list. SiriusXM is on it, in the #9 slot (out of 10), “for reimagining the radio listening experience […] making the satellite radio service feel more like Netflix. See the ranking HERE.


March 25, 2024

Brad Hill