Hit podcast SmartLess leaving Amazon for SiriusXM. And taking its 4 other shows.

It is a time of shaking loose from original network partnerships. Just as Joe Rogan and Alex Cooper are changing their exclusive relationships with Spotify, the hit podcast SmartLess is leaving its parent network Amazon Music and will be exclusively tied to SiriusXM for distribution and ad sales. Click for more. Continue Reading


Russ Crupnick: Does SirisuXM Deserve More Respect?

Russ Crupnick of MusicWatch returns to RAIN News with a bold and well researched assessment of SiriusXM, reaching a broad conclusion that the satellite/streaming service is underestimated after a challenging Q1 earnings call. Original research from MusicWatch bolsters the argument, in addition to several keen business-side observations from Russ. A thorough assessment and a good read. Continue Reading

Sirius earnings: Bullish on podcasting despite cyclical softness

“The economics of podcasting got a little out of hand, to say the least.” So said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer of SiriusXM. Sirius noted that headwinds with economic and business uncertainties causing many major advertisers to be cautious in their marketing spend. Still podcasting grew 24% in full-year 2022, and represented 38% of total advertising business in the year. Continue Reading