RAIN Notes: Tuesday, April 2

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Paul Chantler, co-founder of Podcast Radio and a longtime supporter of, and contributer to RAIN Summits, died on Easter Sunday. He was 64, and had a diagnosis of liver cancer. Called “a towering figure in the media industry” and a pioneer with an irrepressible sense of humor. Paul’s deep radio backround strethced back to the 1980. After that he shifted to executive roles at Essex Radio Group, NewsTalk, and GMG Radio. He was also a programming consltant and held executive roles. Notably, he founded Fix Radio, a national DAB station. Podcast Radio launched in 2020 (see all RAIN coverage HERE).



Imminent Implosion?

In today’s edition of the Jacobs Media blog, Fred Jacobs releases a nibble from the not-yet-released Techsurvey 2024. The topic is media subscription fees, and the point is consumer concern about the cost of listening and watching. “What started as general dissatisfaction is metastasizing as each year passes,” Fred observes. Techsurvey data show that 46% of survey respondents “strongly agree” that subscription fees are a “growing concern.” Another 28% agree, if less strongly. The concern crosses the gender line, and reaches deeply into all age groups. See the article and a revealing graphic



James Cridland’s Podnews has released its annual report card, synchronized with Podcast Movement Evolutions. Over 100 podcast creators filled in the survy form designed to score pros and cons of podcast hosting services. Apple Podcasts edged out Spotify for the #1 slot in the overall ranking of several cateogories, as last year. See it HERE.


April 2, 2024

Brad Hill