Simplecast and AdsWizz get tighter in launch of the SimpleCast Professional Tier

Top-tier podcast ad company AdsWizz is announcing that hosting platform Simplecast is now “officially part of the AdsWizz family.” That’s acquisition language, but both companies are acquired subsidiaries of audio giant SiriusXM, so this appears to be an internal tie-up of the two technologies.

To our eyes there is some blur between today’s announcement and the language used when Sirius acquired Simplecast in June 2020: “The Simplecast solution, paired with the award-winning monetization platform of AdsWizz, the adtech subsidiary of SiriusXM, creates an end-to-end solution that enables creators to publish and generate revenue from their podcasts, all in one place.” (RAIN coverage HERE.)

Today’s release makes the AdsWizz/Simplecast synergy more formal, and there is a product launch today as well: the Simplecast Professional Tier, which AdsWizz says “offers the best in podcast creation and monetization tools through the combined technology of AdsWizz and Simplecast.”

For sure, the announced alignment is meant to make life easier for AdsWizz clients which either do use SimpleCast, or can begin doing so. “For podcast publishers, you now have direct access to combine your AdsWizz monetization tech stack with our best-in-class publishing, hosting, and audience analytics,” AdsWizz states.

There are advantages for advertisers also; they can tap into a bigger supply of independant shows which AdsWizz promises “provide incremental reach and highly engaged audiences.”


Brad Hill