Music rights investment firm democratizes long-tail sale of song catalogs

Catch Point Rights Partners, a music rights investment firm, has launched a program which seeks to democratize the music catalog sale market.

Called the Catch Point Catalog Acquisition Program, the goal is to allow mid- and lower-level songwriters monetize their compositions. Traditionally, catalog acquisition resides in the realm of million- and billion-dollar buys of well known music. That legacy tradition benefits both star creators and investors seeking significant positioning in the ownership market by grabbing big chunks of it.

Earlier this month, Sony Music acquired half of Michael Jackson’s publishing catalog, paying $1.2-billion. (The deal also included half of the recorded masters catalog owned by Jackson’s estate.)

Realizing long-tail value which can be accumulated through many purchases of small catalogs, Catch Point estimates that ASCAP, BMI and SESAC have nearly 2.4 million affiliated songwriters who generated an estimated $ 1.8 billion in songwriter share public performance royalties in 2022. The company notes that 1,000 artists generated more than $ 1 million from the DSP in 2022 while nearly 18,000 artists generated more than $ 50,000 in that same year. giving the long tail access to catalog sales serves Catch Point’s focus on “serving working, middle market music makers, whether songwriters, artists, producers,  labels or publishers.”

“By giving listeners more choice and control, streaming has helped level the playing field and access to audience for music creators, stated Catch Point founder Richard Conlon. “We want to do the same with regard to access to financing. Catch Point’s Songwriter PRO program helps writers unlock value and generate liquidity from their performing rights royalties.”

In launching this program, Catch Point is promoting its “proprietary internal analytical systems and its deep knowledge of the music publishing ecosystem.” It offers a standard agreement form for interested artists. Details HERE.


Brad Hill