ASCAP reports record-breaking revenues for music creators in 2023 annual report

In ASCAP’s just-released annual report for 2023, the performing rights organization (PRO) announces record-breaking royalty collections on behalf of songwriters, composers, and music publisher members. ASCAP is one of two PROs (BMI is the other) representing the creative side of music’s complex royalty structure.


“I am thrilled to announce increases in every major revenue and distribution category.” — Elizabeth Matthews, ASCAP CEO


ASCAP delivered $1.737 billion in revenue during 2-23, and increase of $215 million (14.1%) over 2022. ASCAP brags that it’s revenue collection is higher than any other PRO. Drawing other competitive comparisons, ASCAP’s announcement (which you can see HERE) ASCAP notes that “unlike our competition,” ASCAP doesn’t carry debt and isn’t burdened by private owners private equity investors. This means that ASCAP’s creator and publisher members are the beneficiaries of ASCAP collections (after costs, of course).

Below is a chart of 2023 revenues:

foreign earnings are broken out from domestic earnings in a year-over-year chart (below), showing domestic growth far outperforming foreign growth (and Songwize, which is a small PRO bundled into ASCAP’s administration system:

Beyond the essential financials described above, the 20-page report is mainly descriptive of the ASCAP’s star members, the operational points which make ASCAP unique in the field, and its board of directors (which is divided into two groups: Writers and Publishers). Paul Williams is board chair and president.

HERE it is.

Brad Hill