AccuRadio launches One Song Radio, making a Dallas bar happy

In response to the viral news story of a Dallas bar’s note on its jukebox that Mariah Carey’s hit song “All I Want for Christmas is You” is not to be played until December 1st — and then only once per evening — AccuRadio, as a public service, has launched a new channel called “One Song Radio: All I Want for Christmas is You,” featuring only the popular Carey/Afanasleff composition as performed by dozens of artists. Click for info. Continue Reading


In startling reversal, AccuRadio moves to radio, citing high music royalty costs

AccuRadio, one of the two leading brands of pureplay online radio in the U.S., has stunned the online audio business community by announcing that it is switching to broadcast radio distribution. The change will occur on April 5. In an aggrieved press release the company cites high royalty costs, and says it can find greater profitability in AM radio “playing up to 22 minutes of commercials per hour.” Continue Reading


This Sunday in Vegas: Join RAIN for cocktails and networking

Join us for a Cocktails and Networking event in Las Vegas, Sunday April 23, from 4:30 to 8:00pm. This opportunity to meet radio and internet colleagues takes place the day before Monday’s start of the NAB Show. Although RAIN is not producing the RAIN Summit West online audio conference in 2017, as in previous years, we don’t want you to miss the valuable and fun networking that RAIN Summits are famous for. Continue Reading


Pandora, TuneIn, and AccuRadio launch Harmonic Audio Network for advertisers

In an alliance with TuneIn and AccuRadio, Pandora is announcing this morning the launch of the Harmonic Audio Network, an ad network for advertisers in streaming audio. The Harmonic Audio Network will be exclusively represented by Pandora’s sales force. The new network widens the audio inventory available to Pandora’s sales staff, and creates what the company is marketing as a trusted, high-quality marketing opportunity across three recognized brands. Continue Reading


Mid-size and small webcaster reaction to new CRB rates

While Pandora, iHeartMedia, and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) are content with new CRB rates, the royalty ruling puts smaller streamers on shaky ground, we’ve heard from several sources. Click for comments by Rusty Hodge, Kurt Hanson, Brian McAndrews, and David Porter. Continue Reading