Pureplay of the Day: Leonard Nimoy tribute

It’s too much to say that the RAIN News editorial office is obsessed with Star Trek, but everyone here is a fan. As with many other people around the world, the momentous death of Leonard Nimoy affected us strongly. To find a streaming audio tribute, we turned to a source that is obsessed with Star Trek: Kurt Hanson’s AccuRadio. We weren’t disappointed. Continue Reading


Kurt Hanson’s AccuRadio raises $2.5-million funding

Internet radio pioneer AccuRadio announced a $2.5-million investment from NantWorks LLC, headed by entrepreneur Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. AccuRadio was founded by CEO Kurt Hanson, also RAIN News Founding Editor. Kurt Hanson began building AccuRadio in 2000. It was an experiment first, and became a hardy first-mover in what has evolved into a crowded field littered with music services that did not survive. Today’s press release notes that AccuRadio operates profitably. Continue Reading

T-Mobile adds six new music services to its free-data plan

T-Mobile today announced an expansion of its Music Freedom plan, in which smartphone subscribers get unmetered data streaming of music from partner sources. Six new services have been added to the original slate of services, announced in June. The newly added partners are AccuRadio, Black Planet, Grooveshark, Radio Paradise, Rdio and Songza. Detractors still wish for global access to data-free online music from any source. Continue Reading