CRB rate increase: not necessarily 44% (a look at Pandora)

As the new Copyright Royalty Board rate ruling sinks in today, we look at how it might affect Pandora. Using the company’s 2017 Annual Report and financials from the most recent earnings report, it becomes clear that the new rates will not apply to most of Pandora’s royalty cost, and that the simple 44% CRB rate hike is actually more complicated … and lower. Continue Reading


In historic ruling, Copyright Royalty Board dramatically raises royalties for streaming services

The Copyright Royalty Board has announced the new rates for mechanical royalties to be paid by streaming music services. As announced on Jan. 27, streaming platforms will pay out royalties to songwriters and composers as a share of their revenue. By 2022, the share for mechanical royalties will be 15.1% of the streaming platform’s revenue. Read on for the full rate ruling and reactions from both publishers’ and songwriters’ organizations. Continue Reading


David Oxenford: Copyright Royalty Board News – Sirius XM and Cable Radio Rates, Webcasting Rate Appeal to Be Argued in February

by David Oxenford

The Copyright Royalty Board recently made its ruling for royalty rates to be paid by Sirius XM in 2018-2022. David Oxenford lays out the known details of the determination along with some important notes about the appeal for the webcasting rates set for 2016. Continue Reading


Copyright Royalty Board announces small cost of living adjustments for 2018 rates

The Copyright Royalty Board has issued its cost of living adjustments for royalty rates in 2018. The new rate for ad-supported, non-subscription music streaming services in 2018 is $0.0018. Paid subscription services will pay $0.0023 per performance. The previous rates were $0.0017 for ad-supported and $0.0022 for subscription. Continue Reading


NMPA gets 4,000 to sign songwriter petition to CRB

The National Music Publishers Association is circulating a petition among songwriters to gather support for its case with the Copyright Royalty Board. The CRB will decide on a royalty rate for interactive music streams over the 2018-2022 period over the course of this year, hearing proposals from all sides of the music industry. Continue Reading


Copyright Royalty Board: Songwriter hearing for interactive stream rates begins

This week, songwriters, composers, and publishers will begin lobbying the Copyright Royalty Board for larger royalty fees from streaming services. The hearing for songwriters and their professional organizations is set to start today. The CRB will be reviewing proposals from several parties as it works to determine the royalty rates paid for interactive streams over the 2018-2022 period. Continue Reading