Sony suing Rdio for fraud, keeping planned Pandora sale secret

Sony Music is suing the former leaders of Rdio, claiming that the now-defunct streaming service cut it out of millions in its handling of bankruptcy and its sale negotiations with Pandora. Rdio’s former CEO Anthony Bay, General Counsel Elliott Peters, and Senior Vice President of Content Licensing Jim Rondinelli were named as defendants in the claims of misrepresentation and fraudulent behavior. Continue Reading

Pandora/Rdio media round-up: Best reading on both companies and the streaming economy

Monday’s news that Rdio had declared bankruptcy, with Pandora purchasing the company’s remaining assets and making big future plans, turned the tech, business, and music media on its head. The major consolidation in the streaming music space sparked lots of features and think pieces. Here, we’ve collected some of the more useful and insightful writing on the subject. Continue Reading

Pandora answers questions: Built-in audience and data will make on-demand work

“We believe we can compete in this space because we come from such a position of strength.” Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews and CFO Mike Herring answered questions in an investor call about the acquisition of Rdio, and Pandora’s ambitious 2016 plan. Click through for voluminous quotes. Continue Reading