Quick Hits: Spotify’s top Discover Weekly finds; Rdio v Sony escalates; UK piracy report

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Discover Weekly data dive: Spotify is known for its vast data stores and from time to time, its Insights blog shares some of that analytics treasure trove with the public. The latest entry delves into the popular Discover Weekly feature, detailing the artists, songs, and genres that have made the most frequent appearances on the personalized recommendation playlists.

Rdio accuses Sony of antitrust activity: Sony embarked on legal action against Rdio in April on charges of misrepresentation and fraudulent behavior, claiming that the streaming service did not disclose its plans to declare bankruptcy and sell to Pandora.  Now Rdio is on the attack, and has hired a firm to investigate Sony for antitrust activity in the streaming music space. Sony has said the allegations of collusion with other labels are “nothing but speculation and conjecture.”

UK report finds piracy on continued decline: The UK’s Intellectual Property Office has released its latest report on online copyright infringement. According to the findings, music piracy has declined from 96 million tracks accessed illegally in March-May 2015 to 78 million for the same period this year.

Anna Washenko