Free tool for Rdio users to port over to Spotify

Rdio to Spotify canvasThe announcement of Rdio’s bankruptcy caused a stir for users of the service, curious how to preserve their listening history and playlists. As is often the case in this situation, an ambitious denizen of the Internet has emerged with a new solution. Developer Jody Heavener created a tool called Rdio2Spotify that, as the name implies, will port Rdio collections into Spotify. The free tool can automatically transfer playlists, collections, and followed artists out of Rdio.

The VentureBeat writer who uncovered the tool said that they had no trouble porting over their collection, and successfully found all of their desired tracks in Spotify. For those users who want to save their resources while waiting to see how Pandora’s new on-demand feature based on Rdio’s technology turns out, this seems like a good option.

Anna Washenko