Pandora/Rdio media round-up: Best reading on both companies and the streaming economy

Monday’s news that Rdio had declared bankruptcy, with Pandora purchasing the company’s remaining assets and making big future plans, turned the tech, business, and music media on its head. The major consolidation in the streaming music space sparked lots of features and think pieces. Here, we’ve collected some of the more useful and insightful writing on the subject. Continue Reading

Switzerland audience listens equally to DAB+ and Internet radio

The Swiss Radio Day included a presentation of research into digital listening within Switzerland’s radio audience. The Digital Migration working group’s recent research found that 45% of all radio listening in the nation happens on digital channels. DAB+ is responsible for about half of that figure. At this stage, DAB+ and the Internet are equally popular among listeners. Continue Reading


StreamLicensing’s online stations to get mobile apps thanks to deal with Nobex Partners

Mobile music is on the grow. Studies by comScore/Millennial Media and AYTM have shown increasing interest in streaming on tablets and smartphones. The latest demonstration of this push into mobile is the just-announced partnership between Nobex Partners and StreamLicensing. Under the new deal, Nobex will help create custom apps for StreamLicensing’s 1,200 radio stations. Continue Reading