Smart speakers and station apps fill in for disappearing in-home radios (Jacobs Media)

As radios continue a long-term trend of disappearing from homes, radio listeners lean into smart speakers tuned into radio station streams, and dedicated station mobile apps. The info comes from Jacobs Media, which will reveal its full TechSurvey results this week during the All Access Audio Summit. Click for the data graph. Continue Reading

Immense Studs Terkel radio archive Kickstarts to digital; RAIN gets exclusive listen

Just about anyone working in the broadcast or media worlds should be familiar with Studs Terkel. The Pulitzer Prize-winner made his name on his probing interviews with both the leading thinkers of the day and the average workaday citizens of the United States alike. Now, a new project by Chicago’s WFMT Radio Network aims to preserve and digitize Terkel’s radio shows. RAIN News readers have also been granted exclusive access to a pair of his interviews from the late 1960s. Continue Reading

Beats 1 gets a ‘takeover’ by Aussie terrestrial radio

Australian radio station Triple J has entered into a temporary partnership with Beats 1 to stage a “takeover” of the streaming service’s radio program. Triple J will host four hour-long shows on the Apple radio project over the course of November. That’s a clear win for Triple J, but what could the end game be for Beats 1? Continue Reading


Test Drive: AudioBurst’s curated talk radio

Today we’re taking a spin with the beta launch of a new online property called AudioBurst. The site collects talk radio segments from stations across the U.S. and puts them online in short clips dubbed ‘bursts.’ This is definitely a fun idea for those listeners who are big fans of audio content and want a more streamlined experience, but it does require a lot of interaction. Continue Reading

Nielsen 360 Report finds big online audience, but little online spending

Nielsen has released highlights for its 360 Music Report of 2015. One of the highlights of Nielsen reports are the breakdowns on music spending. For the total population, online music streaming services accounts for 7% of annual music spend, and 11% goes to digital tracks or albums. Cost was the top reason for listeners in selecting a streaming service, and it was part of the top two reasons for people to not subscribe. Finally, this year’s report found that AM/FM and satellite radio was the top discovery engine. Continue Reading

Report shows growth in radio and streaming, declines in physical and digital sales

Pricewaterhouse Coopers released a report about the global entertainment and media markets. The research covered both the radio and music market segments. The report found that radio had total revenue of $20.67 billion in 2014. On the other hand, the music industry was valued at $15.06 in 2014 and total recorded music revenue was $6.01 billion. Continue Reading