Quick Hits: Vox on music’s future; going digital Down Under

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Vox on how radio plays into music’s future: Vox published an article reviewing the role radio can play in the current and future music industries. It dubbed radio the industry leader as well as the most stable facet, even as streaming takes over a growing share of the pie. However, with top radio companies such as iHeartMedia facing some financial struggles, Vox’s view is that the field could be wide open for a new listening option to take the crown.

Australia’s challenges with a digital radio rollout: The Sydney Morning Herald covered Australia’s hurdles in pushing for a digital radio transition. The broadcast industry has been working to for broader digital adoption since the technology’s initial rollout in 2009. Some organizations have been lobbying the national government for assistance in their regional rollouts, but have had trouble getting support based on the costs and financial benefits of such a change.

Anna Washenko