How Spotify’s expanding content options could create new businesses

After launching in October, Spotify has continued adding to its roster of In Residence shows. These playlists bring a new content approach to the streaming service, one that sounds more like a podcast or a radio show. Now that Spotify is also finally beginning the rollout of its long-awaited video options, it appears that the company is positioning itself as an entertainment hub for more than just on-demand music. Continue Reading


Test Drive: AudioBurst’s curated talk radio

Today we’re taking a spin with the beta launch of a new online property called AudioBurst. The site collects talk radio segments from stations across the U.S. and puts them online in short clips dubbed ‘bursts.’ This is definitely a fun idea for those listeners who are big fans of audio content and want a more streamlined experience, but it does require a lot of interaction. Continue Reading


The “Me” Generation: Why Music Curation Isn’t the Answer

This guest column was contributed by Mike Spinelli, a third-year law student at Quinnipiac University School of law, where he is studying music transactions and music licensing. He previously worked at SoundExchange. Where does the future lie for music services — human curation of playlists, or data-driven music selection? Continue Reading