Australia’s capitals have DAB+ audience of 3.2 million

CRA Australia DAB audience 2015Australia is seeing an increase in digital radio audience. Among the major capital cities, 40% of Australians have access to DAB+ digital radio either at home, at work, or in cars. That means an audience of 3.2 million in those metropolitan areas. Digital-only stations have 1.33 million unique weekly listeners, and simulcasts of AM/FM broadcasts have an audience of 2.36 million. Weekly reach for DAB+ in Australia has hit 24.1%.

“The industry is continuing to enhance the quality and variety of DAB+ digital-only programming, and we’re confident that when consumers experience these targeted and sometimes niche services they will appreciate the great diversity that is now on offer,” Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner said.

This growth in digital radio is supported by more general increases in Australian radio listenership. Gfk’s Q1 figures for 2015 revealed that radio’s audience has increased 7% in the past five years, with 19% of people listening more this year than they did last year.


Anna Washenko