Podcast consumers plan to listen more: Nielsen 2023 Consumer Survey Report

Nielsen has released its 2023 Consumer Survey Report. This is a consumer sentiment study which stretches across disparate aspects of life — inflation, social media, audio listening, and more. Podcasting is highlighted early in the 28-page report, identified by consumers as the media consumption category likely to grow the most in their personal listening during the next 6-12 months. Click for detail and graphs. Continue Reading

Covid is over for podcast listeners; good news for podcast advertisers

The title of this piece over generalizes about Covid, but a newly released “Podcasting Today; Insight for Advertisers” study from Nielsen makes the broad point: Podcast listeners say they resuming pre-Covid activities that include purchases of products and services, and that is clearly good for podcast advertisers. Click for some stats and graphs. Continue Reading

Podcast listeners listening more: Acast/Nielsen study

Podcast listeners are doubling down: Over half of them spent more time listening over the past six months than previously — that metric courtesy of research conducted by Nielsen in partnership with global podcast company Acast for this week’s Adweek in NYC. That 52% is favorable compared to the results for other audio categories. Click through for key findings. Continue Reading

Food delivery services reach an eager audience via podcasting: Nielsen

New information released from Nielsen’s ongoing Podcast Listening Buying Power survey shows that podcast listeners are twice as likely to use food delivery services, according to a research bulletin sent to RAIN.¬†Food delivery is broken out to three types: Restaurant delivery, meal kits, and grocery delivery. Click through for details and infographics. Continue Reading