Podcast consumers plan to listen more: Nielsen 2023 Consumer Survey Report

Nielsen has released a survey titled: 2023 Consumer Survey Report: How consumers’ response to macroeconomic events can inform marketing strategies.

This is a consumer sentiment study which stretches across disparate aspects of life — inflation, social media, audio listening, and more. The intent is to guide marketers in their choices of platforms and channels. Audio generally, and radio and podcasting specifically, are covered.

Podcasting is highlighted early in the 28-page report, identified by consumers as the media consumption category likely to grow the most in their personal listening during the next 6-12 months. As illustrated below, that trend compares podcast listening to 15 other consumer inclinations, showing that “Listening to podcasts” is the activity that will most be increased across the survey group.

A bit of detail about podcast listening: “Podcasting will see the most growth of all media channels in the next 6-12 months in terms of consumers’ plans to increase their consumption habits (21%). Generation Z is the most likely
to increase how often they listen to podcasts (25%), with millennials close behind (23%).”

An interesting question is asked about consumer comfort with the potential intrusion of ads in a selection of channels: “How comfortable or uncomfortable are you receiving personalized advertisements from brands which have engaged you on the following channels?” 

In the graph below, the dark purple “comfortable” indicator is highest for direct texting from brands, and lowest for traditional TV ads. Podcasting receives a middling score on this question: 30% are comfortable; 28% are uncomfortable with personalized ads from brands that have advertised on podcasts.

There is information about radio in this study, as well. The full 28-slide deck is freely available HERE.

Brad Hill