Growth numbers abound in latest Nielsen Podcasting Today

The latest Podcasting Today report from Nielsen leverages the company’s Scarborough Podcast Buying Power resources to create Nielsen Podcast today 2023. (Get it HERE.) In it, Nielsen tells a relentless story of growth: More listeners, more time spent, more podcasts consumed.

The broad metrics tell a nationwide story in which 64% of the 12+ U.S. populations listen to podcasts, to some extent. (That is to say, at least once in their lives.) Breaking that down a bit, 42% of American teens and adults listen monthly, and 31% weekly.

observes that the time spent with podcasting is shifting, insofar as shorter listening declined while longer listening sessions increased — across four age groups. The most dedicated listening level described in this part — over 10 hours a week — increased for all groups. In the 18-34 cohort, and the 35-49 group, 10% of respondents reported listening over 10 hours a week.

Listening in transit is rising, we learn, especially in the three age groups which typically precede retirement. The 50+ respondents listen at home much more than other groups.

“As podcasting popularity grows, co-listening is increasing,” Nielsen says, and puts a finer point on that discovery with an observation that “, teenage children (aged 13-17) listening with their parents is happening most often during weekday mornings and on the weekends.”

The detail of this report is targeted to advertisers, of course, and Nielsen steps deep into the weeds with metrics about brand lift, listener awareness, follow-on purchasing, and recommendation metrics. “Engagement works,” Nielsen concludes.

Brad Hill