Midnight Meditators? Dreamland Distractors? A tale of two podcast ad targets

Here’s what we’re learning from global podcast company Acast:

  • People who fall asleep listening to podcasts can be sorted into two groups.
  • Both groups take longer to fall asleep than non-listening people.
  • Bedtime listeners are less likely to skip ads than during daytime listening.
  • Next-day recall of those ads is on the high side.

What defines those two groups? Midnight Meditators listen to podcasts designed to relax the mind. Dreamland Distractors go for more normal daytime fare — awake-brain stuff.

All of these insights are packaged into Acast’s new report, From Dreams to Dollars, which studies the influence of advertisements in sleep podcasts. The company sees an opening for thought leadership here, as most podcast advertisers have avoided sleep-aid podcasts. Acast claims its new research “puts this conventional wisdom to the test.”

That test was quantified with four studies conducted by OnePulse, querying podcast consumers who listen multiple times per week. Sample sizes in a sequence of surveys were 450 to 500.

We find the specificity of results in the project to be interesting. The chart below illustrates data about how much awake time podcast listening creates before sleep takes over.

There’s more. Go HERE for the free download.

Brad Hill