Covid is over for podcast listeners; good news for podcast advertisers

The title of this piece over generalizes about Covid, but a newly released “Podcasting Today; Insight for Advertisers” study from Nielsen makes the broad point: Podcast listeners say they resuming pre-Covid activities that include purchases of products and services, and that is clearly good for podcast advertisers.

Nielsen breaks out its understanding of general U.S. consumer sentiment from what podcast listeners say about resumed activities. IN the U.S. broadly, 91% of people have resumed “normal activities, and 81% says that things “Feel more normal.”

In surveying podcast listeners, Nielsen find they over-index on resumption of pre-Covid purchasing activities:

“The resumption of many pre-pandemic activities and behaviors is good news for all industries,” Nielsen states, and swings the focus over to benchmark effectiveness of advertiser performance priorities. Across all podcasts (of which Nielsen says 2.1-million now exist), advertisers can expect 71% brand recalls, and 67% brand lift.

Nielsen’s conclusion: “As podcasts continue to find new audiences—and those audiences increase the time they spend listening—brands that can glean insight from audience data will find audiences that are ready to transition from listener to customer.”

The free PDF is available HERE.


Brad Hill