Quill Podcasting launches CoHost and survey results: Podcasters need more audience growth

Podcast ad agency Quill (whose awards program we covered in March) has launched a new podcast hosting platform called CoHost, and inaugurated the service with a survey infographic.

The survey was conducted online, querying 155 podcasters about their needs and pain points. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the new CoHost platform’s selling points exactly match the survey results. Following are the key learnings:

  • 91% said audience growth is one of the hardest things about podcasting
  • 82% said getting discovered by new listeners is one of the most challenging aspects of podcasting
  • 55% of audio creators struggle with understanding how new listeners are finding their podcast
  • 76% of podcasters currently monetize or have plans to monetize their podcasts, and nearly half of those are relying on sponsorships to do so (48%)

CoHost seeks to solve these challenges. One-click publishing and an analytics dashboard are offered, neither if which is unique in podcast hosting. CoHost also can track and compare how many clicks and downloads result from the podcast’s marketing channels. The service provides no-cost transcriptions (for boosting SEO discoverability) and automatically creates a podcast website.

The survey infographic is available HERE.


Brad Hill