Nielsen signs three agencies to its Podcast Buying Power Service

Nielsen has sent around a notice of “a trio of agencies” that have subscribed to the Nielsen Podcast Buying Power Service. They are Active International, Ad Results Media, and Oxford Road. Nielsen’s service offers insights spanning 18 genres that can be cross-referenced against a massive category of consumer purchase behavior patterns and services usage. The extensive Scarborough category database is leveraged in the service. Continue Reading

NPR subscribes to Nielsen’s Podcast Buying Power service

Nielsen is justifiably bragging today that is has signed NPR, one of the world’s most powerful podcast publishers, to Nielsen Podcast Buying Power, an insight service which matches genres to consumer purchase behavior patterns. The service is founded on the big Nielsen Scarborough database of consumer survey information. Continue Reading

NPR leverages member stations to make “Consider This” a localized news podcast

Announced at today’s IAB Podcast Upfront (Day 1), NPR is changing Consider This into a localized news podcast serving 10 regions. will hear a version of Consider This with reporting on their community from their community, alongside a national view from NPR. NPR notes that this program is unique to podcasting, and made possible by public radio’s shared journalism and digital networks. Delivering the right localized show to each listener is accomplished by AdsWizz and Nielsen. Continue Reading

Nielsen launches Gracenote Audio On Demand for intelligent podcast search

Nielson is announcing a new vertical for its Gracenote division: Gracenote Audio On Demand. The company describes this as a comprehensive dataset which is “the catalog of reference driving podcast services with the ability to enhance navigation and discovery capabilities.” In other words, Gracenote is doing for podcasting what it has historically done for music — catalog the entire medium with metadata. In this case the dataset identifies and locates podcasts according to topics, personalities, and other criteria. Continue Reading

Nielsen: 28% of Americans spending more time with radio in the coronavirus outbreak

Nielsen is the latest research company to share its insights on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on audio. It shared a positive outlook for radio from an online survey of 1,000 U.S. adults between March 20-22. While more than half (55%) U.S. listeners have not changed their radio habits, 28% said they are tuning in more as a result of the outbreak. Continue Reading