Nielsen signs three agencies to its Podcast Buying Power Service

Nielsen has sent around a notice of “a trio of agencies” that have subscribed to the Nielsen Podcast Buying Power Service. They are Active International, Ad Results Media, and Oxford Road. Nielsen’s service offers insights spanning 18 genres that can be cross-referenced against a massive category of consumer purchase behavior patterns and services usage. The extensive Scarborough category database is leveraged in the service. Continue Reading

Jason Calacanis in Oxford Road podcast: “Skip the video.”

Podcast pioneer, A-list entrepreneur, and RAIN keynote speaker Jason Calacanis is guesting in the current episode of Oxford Road Presents The Divided States of Media. In it, he evangelizes audio and podcasting, while sketching a history of how his show (This Week in Startups) and the resources needed to produce it. It’s an interesting glimpse into one of the longest-running and successful audio/video podcast hybrids. Click through to hear the episode. Continue Reading