POD DROP: Plea to a governor, finding common ground, and new media interviews

Pod Drop features new, interesting, and returning podcasts. Today, new podcasts from iHeartRadio, the Common Ground Committee, and Oxford Road.

Dear Governor (iHeartRadio)

Maybe we shouldn’t call this a True Crime podcast — it’s more like a True Innocence show, or a True Redemption podcast. It centers on Jarvis Jay Masters, a condemned prisoner who has maintained his innocence for over 30 years. The podcast shares intimate details of his life story and his ongoing legal case. The man has written inspirational books and articles while imprisoned in a nine-by-four cell, and his case is famous enough to inspire an exoneration website. There is a larger moral thrust to the show. Notes for the first episode observe that the U.S. is the only Western nation that continues to execute its own citizens. And the backdrop of Jarvis’s particular predicament is California governor Gavis Newsom’s moratorium on capital punishment.

“The story is tragic, but also quite heartening!”


Let’s Find Common Ground (Common Ground Committee)

The title makes it pretty clear this is a podcast about politics, community, and the social good. The main purpose of the show is to find and foster points of agreement in a world of increasing incivility. Guests will include figures in academia, public policy, and finance. Interview subjects in the first dropped episodes are General Wesley Clark, who was a presidential candidate in 2004, and Professor Paul Light of NYU, who has testified in Congress.

“A thoughtful and refreshing take compared to the polarized discussions we see in the media all day long.”


Media’s New Deal (Oxford  Road)

Actually the full title is “Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal.” Oxford Road is a Los Angeles creative media agency, and the show is, in a sense, a branded podcast, but more out front about that than most others. CEO Dan Granger hosts this interview show with new-media leaders. The first three episodes feature conversations with Hernan Lopez, founder and CEO of Wondery, David Field, CEO of Entercom (owner of Cadence13, RADIO.com, and Pineapple Street Studios) and Andy Lipset, the CEO of audio production company Spoken Layer. This is a limited run series, and though we don’t know exactly what that means, Dan Granger’s inspirational four-minute State Of The Media Landscape speech which is the show trailer, clearly ties the show to Coronavirus.



Brad Hill