Nielsen signs three agencies to its Podcast Buying Power Service

Nielsen has sent around a notice of “a trio of agencies” that have subscribed to the Nielsen Podcast Buying Power Service. They are Active International, Ad Results Media, and Oxford Road. Nielsen’s service offers insights spanning 18 genres that can be cross-referenced against a massive category of consumer purchase behavior patterns and services usage. The extensive Scarborough category database is leveraged in the service. Continue Reading


As podcasts run more ads, listener attidues remain mostly favorable (Edison Research)

In a new study from Edison Research, supported by content and sales network PodcastOne, and digital ad ad rep firm Ad Results Media, podcast “Super Listeners” were queried about their feelings about, and responses to, podcast advertising. The results are mostly favorable, with year-over-year rises in key favorability answers compared to a year-ago survey. Click through for details. Continue Reading


“On the Mic” podcast starts 3-episode feature about women in podcasting

On the Mic, the industry podcast from ad representation company Ad Results Media (the full name is On the Mic with Ad Results Media) is producing a three-episode miniseries about women in podcasting. It starts with Episode 18 in the feed, which features an interview with LadyGang, which is one of the most popular podcasts for women, with 90 million downloads since it’s launch in 2015. Click through to hear the series trailer. Continue Reading