RAIN Notes: Wednesday, April 24

Jottings of note:


Basic Education

Audio and advertising agency Ad Results Media today released the Ultimate Guide to Podcast Advertising in 2024. A beefy 24-chapter ebook, this freely available online document is a thorough primer whose many sections comprehensively deliver a rounded education in the types and benefits of podcast advertising, How-to information describing how to break in, strategic considerations, measurement issues, creative strategy, aspects of direct response advertising, and (naturally enough) how to choose a podcast agency. Get it HERE.


Lots Of Win

The vastness of The Webbys award program is on display as winners and runners-up are announced. We count 22 categories in the Podcast section, and some of those categories are further broken out. Sadly, audio clips are nowhere. That disappointment notwithstanding, this landscape of recognized podcasts is one of the best discovery resources. Start browsing HERE, and go to the Podcasts section. (Computer recommended for this vs. phone.)


La Mejor

Triton Digital’s Latin America Podcast Ranker has been released. (HERE.) As always with Triton’s excellent ranking format, we recommend the interactive online version over the static downloadable PDF (which is HERE, if you must). The top 10 is crowded with repeats, but one newcomer (Bom dia, Obvious) crowds out Modus Operandi in that elite grouping. Click the Publisher button to re-sort the list.


April 24, 2024

Brad Hill