Infinite Dial 2020: For the first time, more than 100 million Americans are monthly podcast listeners

We’ve seen lots of research exploring the burst of interest in podcasts. The Infinite Dial 2020 results shows just how much the audio format is growing in popularity in the U.S. The monthly podcast consumer group grew 16% from the previous year, and 2020 marks the first time that audience surpassed 100 million Americans. Continue Reading


Along with baseball, basketball, and nearly everything else, “Infinite Dial” live is off — webinar still on

In a day when baseball, basketball, hockey, Disney, schools and many other cultural institutions were suspended, yesterday also brought an announcement closer to RAIN home: Edison Research and Triton Digital have canceled the first live-audience presentation of The Infinite Dial, the annual public snapshot of American listening. The webinar is a go; click through for the registration link. Continue Reading


December streaming, and flashback 10 years of RAIN tracking of Triton Digital Webcast Metrics

RAIN has been tracking Triton Digital’s monthly Webcast Metrics Top 20 Ranker for more than 10 years, starting in September 2009. Looking back to that Ranker, we see a couple of interesting things — a trip down memory lane in the growth of streaming. Continue Reading


October streaming level; Pandora & YoY dip (Triton Digital Webcast Metrics)

Stream listening was level in October compared to September, according to the Triton Digital Webcast Metrics Top 20 Ranker. The year-over-year view showed a 4% drop, largely due to Pandora’s six-month gradual slide. Six leading radio streamers and pureplay AccuRadio all notched gains in October. Continue Reading


Pandora listening dips in September; year-over-year remains level (Triton Digital Webcast Metrics)

Stream listening slipped 3% in September, according to the Triton Digital Webcast Metrics Top 20 Ranker, pulled down by Pandora’s key listening metric which dropped 4%. Overall webcast listening in Triton’s top-20 cohort stayed level from the same month last year. Continue Reading