Triton partners with Tru Optik to add political leanings to digital audio audience targeting

Triton digital is sending out an interesting announcement this morning: The company has linked up with Tru Optik Political Data Cloud to offer digital audio advertisers audience targeting by political inclination. These segments include Leaning Democrat, Leaning Independent, Leaning Republican, Swing Voters, and Undecided. It’s easy to imagine that the availability of these targeted segments could bring more political ads into digital audio during this election season.  Continue Reading


AdLarge’s cabana joins Triton Digital’s Podcast Metrics

A joint release from the two companies announces that cabana, the digital audio (mainly podcasts) division of AdLarge, is joining Triton Digital’s Podcast Metrics measurement service. Triton releases every-four-weeks (not calendar monthly) IAB-certified reports of top podcasts and podcast networks. Cabana will be measured for the next report, representing August 3 through August 30.  Continue Reading


Triton Digital U.S. Podcast Report shows nearly unchanging network leadership

Triton Digital has released its U.S. Podcast Report, an every-four-week rolling weekly average of downloads and listeners. This report covers the July 6 through August 2 period. Most remarkable is the stability of this report compared to the previous one. And we noticed the same thing in our previous coverage. Click through for details. Continue Reading


June webcast streaming was mixed; several upward trends within overall flatness

Stream listening in June was a mixed story: A lift of only one percent month-over-month for the entire cohort, but 12 brands experienced month-over-month gain of 5% or more. Steady leader Pandora, whose stream volume sways the entire report, was almost exactly flat from May to June. The second-ranked entity, iHeartRadio, enjoyed an upward spike of five percent. The percentage leader in June was AccuRadio, up 11%. Continue Reading


Triton Digital’s latest U.S. Podcast Report: Stable, upward bumps in top-network downloads

Triton Digital has released its U.S. Podcast Report, an every-four-week rolling weekly average of downloads and listeners. This report covers the June 8 through July 5 period. Things look pretty much the same as the previous report, for the top 15 podcast networks. NPR is on top for average weekly downloads and listeners. Stitcher remains #2 for downloads, and moves up to #2 (displacing Entercom/Cadence13/Pineapple Street Studios to #3 — but we think Entercom/Cadence13/Pineapple Street Studios should win a special prize for longest network name). Click through to see the Top 15 Networks. Continue Reading


Omny Studio launches secure distribution for private or subscription listening

Through its parent company Triton Digital, Omny Studio announced today the launch of secure distribution of podcasts. Systems like this enable podcasters to separate some content from the main feed. Access to the private content can be regulated by subscription payment or some other premium system. The typical secure distribution model is creating ad-free episodes for paid subscription listening.  Continue Reading


April streaming flat from March; NPR’s COVID bump (Webcast Metrics)

Stream listening held steady in April compared to March (actually up by a fraction of a percent). The numbers come from Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics Top 20 Ranker, and RAIN’s monthly tracking of the Ranker over 10+ years. The year-over-year view showed an unusually large 10% decline, due almost entirely to Pandora’s 14% drop in listenership during that span. Click through for the 10-year trendlines. Continue Reading