NPR rises, iHeartRadio dips in Triton Streaming Metrics (January)

Triton Digital’s Streaming Metrics monthly ranker of measured streaming entities is out for January streaming, and shows iHeartRadio in its newly established leading position, but with a dip over the past two months. NPR, meanwhile, approached 100,000 Average Active Sessions (AAS), Triton’s measurement of average simultaneous streams. Click through for the chart. Continue Reading


Eight shows enter Triton Digital Podcast Report ranker; top publishers remain the same

Most podcast rankers illuminate the concentration and stability of success — in other words, they don’t change much. Triton Digital’s every-four-weeks list of ranked 100 shows provides more oxygen, enabling rising shows to breathe in the exposure. In the latest, eight new shows appear, five of them from Kast Media. Continue Reading


33% of Americans own a smart speaker: Edison/Triton Infinite Dial teaser

The annual webinar release of The Infinite Dial, the annual consumer survey project by Edison Research and Triton Digital, is scheduled for Thursday. The two companies are teasing the event by releasing one result of interest: Thirty-three percent of Americans own a smart speaker. That is a 22% increase from last year’s Infinite Dial, and represents an estimated 94-million people. There is a Covid element to this. Click through for more info and webinar registration. Continue Reading


Wondering about CPMs for programmatic podcast advertising? Triton Digital reports a range.

Two questions about digital audio programmatic advertising were addressed in Triton Digital’s presentation at the RAIN Podcast Business Summit yesterday: 1. Is programmatic advertising a “race to the bottom” in ad revenue? 2. What are actual CPM rates in podcasting? Triton SVP Stephanie Donovan answered both with a view of average CPM rates for podcast programmatic advertising. Continue Reading


Triton Digital streaming audio measurement certified by ACPM

Triton Digital is announcing that its measurement of French-language digital audio streams has been certified by the France-based Alliance for Press and Media Figures (ACPM) association, whose mission is to provide industry-standard measures to certify the audiences of any media that seeks to attract advertisers, including digital radio, websites, applications, podcasts.  Continue Reading


Pandora exits Triton ranker, shining light on streaming radio (Triton Digital Webcast Metrics)

Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics monthly ranker of measured streaming entities turned a corner in the November data, at least for the time being. “Pandora reevaluates their third-party data partnerships as part of an ongoing process, and are not currently measured by Triton’s Webcast Metrics,” Triton informs RAIN. The sudden absence of Pandora’s supremacy in the chart, which RAIN has been caretaking since September 2009, creates room below for streaming radio to differentiate its groups. Click through for details, history, and charts. Continue Reading


iHeartMedia acquires Triton Digital from Scripps

Behemoth audio company iHeartMedia will buy leading digital audio technology provider Triton Digital from media juggernaut E.W.Scripps, exactly 28 months after Scripps acquired Triton. The deal further fortifies iHeart’s imposing array of audio production and monetization platforms across radio, streaming, and podcasting, while closing out Scripps’ short-lived deep dive into digital audio. History and perspective. Continue Reading


Jim Pattison Broadcast Group chooses Triton Digital for stream measurement and podcast management

Triton Digital is announcing today that Canada’s largest private, western-based broadcast group, The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, has become a Triton client for management, measurement, and monetization of its AM/FM online streams. The Pattison Group operates 45 FM stations and three AMs, along with three conventional TV stations and 17 online new portals in 28 markets. In all that there is a growing portfolio of podcasts. Continue Reading