Nine new shows enter Triton’s Australian Podcast Ranker

In an encouraging sign of variety in listener choice, 44 Australian podcasts debuted on Triton Digital’s Australian Podcast Ranker for November. The ranker lists 200 podcasts, a first-time expansion of Triton’s format. The company cites “the influx of new podcasts.”

The 44 figure includes podcasts made outside of Australia, but consumed by Australians. And in tabulating the 44 new shows, we looked at the measurement of monthly listeners (not downloads).

As always, the live-online Triton ranker (as opposed to the PDF download) allows sorting by listeners or downloads, and also invites sorting top sales reps. (It’s fun to play with; get it HERE.)

One show debuted into the top-ten group: ABC News Daily as #9. (Daily shows do enjoy an advantage in both audience size and downloads.) In the top 20 group, no other newcomers broke into that echelon, though there has been some slot shuffling.

Below, the top 10:



Brad Hill