CORRECTED: 97 of top 100 remain unchanged in Triton Digital Sept podcast ranker

CORRECTED: Triton Digital changed icons for newly listed shows, which we did not catch in the first edition of this post.

In a staggering demonstration of stability (or staleness?) Triton Digital’s Podcast Ranker for August shows the same 100 97 of the same 100 podcasts as the July ranker.

In our thinking two principles are at work: First, that people listen to what they already know, and second, that podcast discovery remains a commanding challenge for creators and producers.

The three freshly listed shows are:

  • NEW: Over My Dead Body (Wondery; #73)
  • NEW: Prosecuting Donald Trump (NBC Universal News Group; #98)
  • RETURN: Men In Blazers (Wondery; #91)

There has been some shuffling of rank from July to August. One big jump shows Watch What Crappens (Wondery) leaped upward 24 spots, from 72 to 48. And CounterClock (audiochuck, sold by SXM Media), suffered a dizzying plummet of 31 spots. (Both those observations are in the Weekly Average Downloads sorting of the list.)

But the top nine podcasts in August remained the same as in July, with no change in order. NPR News Hour took the #1 spot again. (Worth mentioning that a podcast produced every hour is likely to garner more listener metric activity than a daily or weekly show.)

Sorting the list by Weekly Average Users) creates some change, though a general stability reigns. There are bigger jumps up and down the list — but still, the same 100 shows.

See the interactive ranker HERE. Below, the top ten most downloaded.

Brad Hill