NPR and SiriusXM win Triton’s March U.S. Podcast Ranker

In the March edition of Triton Digital’s Top Podcasts ranker for the U.S., there is a lot of month-over-month stability, as always. In the top 10 shows (see below), nine are the same as the previous month (with some shuffling of positions). MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories  (Wondery sales network) leaped upward eight slots to enter the elite cohort., as seen below:

Two podcasts rose into the top 20, compared to the February list.

Casefile True Crime jumped upward 30 slots, to #49.

Only two podcasts made debuts on the top 100 for March, compared to nine in February:

  • Three (SiriusXM Podcast Network)
  • Killer Psyche ( Wondery)

Triton’s always-interesting ranker can be sorted in numerous ways. We always like to change what’s being ranked — from podcasts to sales networks. In that view, SiriusXM Podcasts rises to the top, and for each of the 20 networks we see the number of active podcasts and average weekly downloads. Below you can see the top 12 sales networks ranked by downloads:


As always, we recommend visiting the online version of Triton’s ranker HERE (as opposed to the static PDF, also available) to use its sorting feature. You can also leap to the Australian, Canada, Latin America, Netherlands, and New Zealand podcast rankers via pull-down menus. And another pull-down time-travels to previous months. It is a terrific monthly resource.


Brad Hill