Triton U.S. Podcast Ranker, supercharged by iHeart Audience Network, expands to 150

Triton Digital’s monthly U.S. Podcast Ranker now measures newcomer iHeart Audience Network, expanding the ranker scale to 150 podcasts.


“This month we welcome the iHeart Audience Network to our U.S. Podcast Ranker. With the influx of new iHeart Audience Network podcasts, we’ve increased our numbers for both the Top Podcasts by Weekly Average Downloads and Top Podcasts by Weekly Average Users to now include the top 150.” –Triton Digital


The iHeart Audience Network includes shows from iHeart Podcasts and other network creators, and represents a vast selection of content to advertisers and agencies. The impact on Triton’s ranker is significant, expanding the list from 100 to 150 podcasts, and claiming the #1-ranked spot when sorting for top sales networks by average users, and by average downloads. (The sortable list, which we always recommend, is HERE.)

Shifting the focus to podcasts, NPR News Now takes the top spot based on weekly downloads and by average weekly users. (The podcast is launched multiple times per day, unlike most other on the Triton list.)

The addition of iHeart brings new additions (debuts, in Triton’s terminology) to the list. Notably, the iHeart hit Stuff You Should Know is instantly lodged in the 10 spot. We also see Behind the Bastards and On Purpose with Jay Shetty in the ranker for the first time — both iHeart-repped podcasts.

There were several non-iHeart debuts for the month of May MrBallen’s Medical Mysteries (Wondery) debuting for both downloads and listeners. Smosh Reads Reddit Stories (The Roost Podcast Network) debuts for downloads and The Economics of Everyday Things (SiriusXM Podcast Network) and It’s Been a Minute With Sam Sanders (NPR) debuts for listeners.

As always, we recommend the interactive release of this important tanker, compared to the static PDF. go interactive HERE.

Brad Hill