RAIN Notes: Tuesday, June 25

Jottings of note:


The Final Nail

Google has completed the shutdown of Google Podcasts. This might seem like old news to U.S. users, for whom the service ended earlier this year, but Australia-based James Cridland notifies us that the delayed global sunsetting happened yesterday. The service was almost six years old, and never marched to the top of most-used podcast apps.


Audio solutions platform SoundStack announces the hire of Matt Herzog as Senior Solutions engineer. Herzog was at AdsWizz for two and a half years, and also spent time at Juniper Networks, Infoblox, and Trapeze Networks, all in technical roles. He makes his own announcement of the new gig (in audio, appropriately) HERE.


Subscription Resistance

Seventy-four percent of surveyed adults in the U.S. agree that subscription fees for audio and video content are “a growing concern.” This from the latest Techsurvey from Jacobs Media. That’s a strong sentiment, but it’s worth mentioning that the survey population is mainly P1 active listeners to AM/FM radio, the dominant free-listening channel. The dissatisfaction curve is moving relentlessly upward over five years. Men are more disgruntled by media subscription fees than women, but it’s close. Millennials hate them most among generations, but that’s close too. Jacobs ties this research to the rise of Tubi, the ad-supported video streaming service.


June 24, 2024

Brad Hill