iHeart Podcast Union closes first contract deal with significant pay/benefit increases

The iHeart Podcast Union has ratified its first union contract with iHeartMedia, the group announced this morning on X.

The news comes with the first raft of employment agreements with iHeart:

  • $500,000 of immediate pay increases
  • Annual cost-of-living increases (for the first time, according to the union)
  • Just Cause — a framework of acceptable termination of employment
  • Continued contribution to 401k
  • Improved holiday pay
  • “Greatly improved” severance policy


“As we settle in to this contract and look to the future, we know benefits will be one of our top priorities again.” –iHeart Podcast Union


“This contract has immediately improved the lives of many of our members and we believe it will continue to improve our lives and working conditions.”

Brad Hill