May podcast ad spend drops 14% (Magellan); 13 of top 15 are repeat big-spenders

Magellan AI’s accounting of podcast advertiser spending for May, for the top 15 spenders, shows the total spend  down 14 percent from April. In a display of month-over-month consistency, 13 of the top 15 are repeats from the April reckoning.

In an even more remarkable exhibition of sameness, top advertiser BetterHelp has held the #1 position for twelve consecutive months.

In the comparison below, green highlights are Apr/May repeaters; orange represents companies who were not in the previous month’s list.

Note that the total spend for Magellan’s top 15 spenders in May was nearly 14% lower than the April spend.

Magellan’s original graph (below) indicates the month-over-month spend, and the percentage of change from the previous month.



Brad Hill