RAIN Notes: Tuesday, June 25

Jottings of note:


Historical Reference

“Radio’s ability to reinvent itself in the 1950s was actually a 20+ year process.” That nibble of history brought to us by Fred Jacobs in his recent column, Dispelling the “Radio Survived TV So We’ll Survive The Internet” Myth. One survival era does not necessarily translate to survival in a different era, is the point. Jacobs notes that the internet has been challenging radio for 30 years, and that a historical understanding is important. Radio’s survival in the early TV era was a 20+ year process. And the invasion of TV was more comprehensive and ruthless than people generally realize today. And the inventions (like transistor radios and FM) which powered radio’s continued popularity in the following decades were crucial.  And “format radio.” It’s not just history, though … the article’s closing focus is on today and the future. It’s a good read. HERE.


AMPing Up The Executive Team

Amplitude Media co-founder John Donahue announces that Cody Kleitz joins the company as Senior Sales Executive. “Cody brings agency and ad network experience with him and “will look to make an impact immediately,” Donahue promises, while hinting that more executive announcements are to come. Kleitz has spent time at Veritone One, Havas Edge, and Libsyn Ads in media buying roles. It is the second addition to AMP’s executive team in a week.


June 25, 2024

Brad Hill