BetterHelp continues to lead Magellan AI podcast advertiser list. We compare month-over-month repeats

If podcast rankers reveal stagnation at the top levels of popularity (they do), Magellan AI’s monthly ranking of top advertisers shows the same characteristic. Looking at the just-released list of top 15 spenders in May, and comparing it to April, we see the same top five advertisers: BetterHelp, HelloFresh, ZipRecruiter, Amazon, and Geico. Click through for comparison chart. Continue Reading


HelloFresh is most recalled brand in Edison Research tracker. We compare top recall and top spend.

To promote its Podcast Consumer Tracker research product, Edison Research released an interesting data munchable: the top 10 most recalled brands in podcast advertising for Q1. We compared Edison’s list with the top spenders in podcast advertising from Magellan AI. The result? Money and memory are bedfellows of advertising. Continue Reading


The Podscape is revised, now includes overlays indicating acquisitions

The Podscape, a graphic representation of the podcast business landscape created by Magellan AI and Sounds Profitable, has been revised. Of special note in this new edition are colored overlays indicating companies which own podcast entities, often through acquisitions of the past three years. Click through to see the infographic, get the download link and the email address for submitting comments to the creators. Continue Reading


Magellan top 15 podcast advertisers, and RAIN remix

Podcast advertising intelligence company Magellan AI released its December report of top podcast advertisers. This month’s roundup includes the single-month list, and a year-to-date (YTD) list which serves as a 2020 view of the top marketing money spent in podcasting. We have gathered the list data into three tables that sort advertising spend in three ways: Top December advertisers, top 2020 advertisers, and a concentration measure of money spent per show. Click through for the goods. Continue Reading


Bank of America, McDonald’s lead increased podcast spend in November (Magellan AI)

Podcast advertising intelligence company Magellan AI released its “Spenders, Movers & Shakers” list for November. Bank of America and McDonald’s take the #1 and #2 spots for increased podcast ad spending. Bank of America jumped from $128,000 in October to 1.9-million in November. Mcdonald’s jumped from $174,000 to $1.7-million. Click through for context and the full list. Continue Reading


Magellan & Sounds Profitable create The Podcscape, a graphic representation of podcasting

Podcast advertising intelligence company Magellan AI, in collaboration with the Sounds Profitable newsletter authored by Bryan Barletta, have created an impressive graphic representation of the podcasting industry. It is an impressive project and a useful guide. Click through to see it and get the dowenload link. Continue Reading


Magellan AI releases October Movers and Shakers. Geely (which owns Volvo) on top.

Magellan AI has released the October edition of the company’s Top Movers and Shakers list, a monthly survey of podcast advertisers which have increased their month-over-month spend the most. October’s top mover/shaker is Geely. Who? Magellan explains that Geely is the parent company of Volvo. Geely spent about $2.1-million in October, nearly a $2-million increase over September. Click through for more details. Continue Reading