Top 3 podcast advertisers unchanged in November; $57M spent by top 15 (Magellan)

In Magellan AI’s reckoning of the top podcast advertisers (by spend) in November, we see a lot of repetition from the previous months. Eleven of the top 15 advertisers in the previous month of October landed on the November list again. We do some month-over month analysis, and a six-month comparison. Click for the numbers, graphs, and top-line points. Continue Reading

Three brands dominate podcast ad spend; $48M in top-15 (Magellan AI, October)

In Magellan AI’s reckoning of the top podcast advertisers (by spend) in October, we see a lot of repetition from the previous months. Nine of the top 15 in the previous month of September landed on the October list again. BetterHelp was the top advertiser, continuing a long streak of supremacy. Click for more analysis and graphs. Continue Reading

Magellan AI partners with Sounder for post-campaign measurement and verifications in podcast advertising

AI-powered audio intelligence platform Sounder is partnering with podcast intelligence company Magellan AI to provide advertisers with a holistic solution for comprehensive post-campaign measurement and verification. The deal shapes up with Magellan providing campaign performance insights, and Sounder ensuring brand-safe environments. Continue Reading

Magellan intros “similar shows” dashboard for intelligently expanding ad campaigns

Magellan AI has unleashed a dashboard feature which is not distinctly named, but functions to reveal podcasts with similar audiences. This is mainly for advertisers who wish to extend a successful campaign. It is self-serve, both for exploration by advertisers, and for connecting directly with podcast owners. Continue Reading

BetterHelp spent $29M on podcast ads in Q2, and other insights in Magellan’s benchmark report

If there is a single metric worthy of a headline in Magellan AI’s just-released¬†Podcast Advertising Benchmark Report, it is the three-month ad spend of top advertiser BetterHelp (an online counseling service). But there is much more. Click through for a selection of metrics, graphics, and the download link. Continue Reading

Six podcast advertisers in Top 15 for 12 straight months; zero newcomers (Magellan AI)

Magellan AI released its always-interesting Top Spenders list, listing the highest 15 spenders for April. BetterHelp lands in the #1 spot, as it has for the last 12 months in today’s RAIN analysis of this ranker. There are zero newcomers. Click through for downloadable 12-month chart. Continue Reading